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At HSL Building Company, we make much more than houses– we create a setting for your family’s story to unfold. We transform your needs and aspirations into a real, tangible environment– injecting your character and personality as much as possible.

We perform the heavy lifting– both literally and figuratively. Mindful of budgets, timing, project coordination, and the physical build itself– our process is one of proactive awareness: ensuring that projects run.

Our method for new construction builds has proven successful through our development of residential properties within Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Initial land assessments and surveys allow for proper estimation of costs and effort, monthly status reporting provide seamless communication with clients, and superior workmanship execute innovative designs.

Diverse Expertise

Proficiency in many architectural styles has allowed us to think outside of the box. From contemporary to neoclassical, or craftsman to colonial, HSL Building Company is experienced in constructing them all. The high level of detail attributed to each build is illustrated in our comprehensive construction portfolio.

Proven Network

Simply stated– working with HSL Building Company is uncomplicated. Our approach is straightforward and our technique is practical. Whether partnering up with your existing team or coordinating a complete suite of professionals for custom builds– HSL remains flexible, transparent, and works in your best interest.

Green Mindset

Operating with a focus on sustainability is one of HSL Building Company’s top priorities. A green attitude is evident in our ethical practices, superior building products, and in-home equipment. This allows for more efficient builds amidst construction and cleaner, more efficient, operational processes for our clients long-term.

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