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Estate & Grounds Care

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As one of life’s most valued investments, your home calls for a skilled and knowledgeable team to maintain its integrity and beauty. HSL Building Company is able to support homeowners in all facets of private Estate Management– from home monitoring to staffing support, and interior and exterior property maintenance.

In order to protect your investment, our watchful eye will guarantee a safe and orderly home as we assess and perform both routine and preventative maintenance on your estate’s interior, exterior, and grounds.

As part of our attentive property management program, a member of our team will be appointed to you and proactively monitor your homes’ needs after performing an in-home consultation. The burden of selecting, coordinating, and overseeing various domestic contractors and support staff is lifted from your shoulders, so that you can focus on living in the home, rather than maintaining it.

Home Monitoring

Regularly scheduled estate assessments and uninterrupted supervision of your home identify issues before they get worse. Our team is available to you round-the-clock ensuring that crises are averted in times of emergencies, with as little effect to your family’s daily life.

Grounds Maintenance

The appearance of your property’s grounds are just as important as the high-end finishes and exquisite furnishings found inside. Far more than ‘curb appeal’, our team will maintain the exterior of your home with care.

Support Staffing

With a proven system of home care personal and contractors within our network, HSL Building Company and your appointed caretaker will source and oversee staff as they perform a variety of services.

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